The Hostel

Although hostel accommodation is not mandatory, students desirous of having hostel accommodation are provided the living facilities . Separate accommodation facilities are available for Male and Female students. 

A Day in the Life of a NSIBM Hostel students

As the rays of sun hit the campus, the early-risers (and the late sleepers)) are greeted by the twittering birds. While some .NSIBians choose to lie down and relax, the others rejoice a quick jog.

Then, there are others still who prefer the coziness of their beds before they face the challenging day ahead! No matter which category you belong to, you will sprint all the way to the mess to grab that quick bite of breakfast which will ensure your sustainability.

And then, the likes of Gallery 1, 2 & 3 become the nerve-centers of all activity. One class after the other, requiring you to muster all the grey cells in your brain to respond to the lectures, case discussions, quizzes, presentations, role plays and what not! At times, a hot cup of tea in the breaks is the only resort for survival.

After this nerve wrecking experience, there is the Grand Lunch (very delicious one too)! It takes away the pentup fatigue. Even the long queues do not matter as you catch-up with friends and discuss all that has happened during the day. Post-lunch sessions are most exciting as you learn, unlearn and relearn a lot of things through L. Projects and Industry Interactions.

As the sessions formally end, the students unwind with a game of cricket or football in the NSIBM greens or some evening workout in the gymnasium. No one is left outl If you don't play, you cheer. NSIBians take their sports seriously. If you play, you win! Escape the frenzy if you can!

As twilight appears, you could catch a quick nap or a walk into the cool confines of the open lawn garden and hear the chant , the prayers from the college temple. You could even engage yourself in the club activities that help you hone your skills.

That is not it! The day has just begun and along with it, it brings the promise of melody, dance and drama. Late night random walks, serious talks on the benches of hostel, the lonely chairs of cafetaria or the crowded tables in one of the students room, a guitar playing somewhere far... it all happens in those golden hours!

The night witnesses everything from group meetings for case presentations, discussions, and assignments to people going to another friends rooms for the life savior Maggie and ginger tea.