Student Commitee

Building the Foundation

Students life at NSIBM is a continuous learning experience within the classroom as well as outside, through various extra-curricula activities. Students develop leadership abilities by spearheading various activities through team work, by actively taking part in various commitees and clubs depending upon their strength and interest. All of these helps students develop leadership abilities which helps them subsequently later on in their career.

Students Placement Committee

This is one of the most active committee, and supports the placement cell In all activities regarding corporate interaction, corporate events, alumni evenings, etc. and also aids in Summer Internship and final placement process.

Students Publications Committee

This committee provides a forum to give vent to the creative energy of the students, collecting news, articles, etc. that contributes to the students' section of the quarterly newsletter, and also contributes to the updating of the institute website.

Extra-Curricular Activities Committee

This Committee is responsible for organizing cultural events including Xplore Junior. Through this fest we strive to showcase the innovations, creativity and talent advancement as well as create opportunities for the young students, all the unsung heroes of the society who have proved the mettle through their novel work, thought process but deprived of true appreciation which they deserve.

Co-Curricular Activities Committee

The committee organizes management related activities that add value to the academic curriculum. Debates, quizzes, competitions and participation in similar contests in other institutes are some of the regular activities. It is actively involved in organizing , seminars & conferences, and the activities of various management clubs it supports other committees in organising the annual management-cultural fest . It also supports the placement cell in organizing industry interactions.

Sports Committee

The committee tries to ensure that the students have a healthy body to complement their healthy minds, so that they can face the gruelling work routines they will soon embrace. Sports contests, participation in competitions etc. prepare the students for the big event - the annual ports day.

Tour Committee

This committee takes care of study tours and students were taken to our NSIT Campus Patna to attend live show of Dr.Subhash Chandra.

CSR Committee

This cornmittee takes care of CSR related activities of the college and celebrates Social Service Day and Smiles day every year on 14th of Novernberit Also takes part in activities related to CSR in the city.