Programme Offered : MBA

" As a student, you will find understanding and analysing business and making managerial judgements full of fresh challenges "

Prof. Aloke Kumar Banga Department of Management, NSIBM
1. Certificate Programme in Retail Management
2. Certificate Programme in SAP
3. Preparatory Course in Banking and Financial Services

Master of Business Administration

Business can be as creative, technical and Inspiring as it Is enterprising. To become a skilled, informed businessperson, you'll need a rich knowledge of the disciplines surrounding your core subject, how Industries work together and how people behave. The fascinating theory you'll study complements the leading-edge industry skills you'll gain through the real-world experiences a feature of our MBA programs. These might include work placements, business simulations, national and International field visits and visits of guest speakers.

Our  MBA has a management focus suitable for ambitious individuals who aspire to work at a managerial level in their chosen specialization. This knowledge can be as important for a business professional based regionally as It is to someone aiming to live and work. Whatever be your degree specialisation, you'll gain insight into both the operational and strategic sides of business. Successful managers and business people know how their organisations and industries work, from their day to day running to their place In the global market.

We focus, too, on the ethics and impact of business and management discipline We believe that our graduates should be equipped to make the right business decisions - for themselves and for the teams and communities they interact with. Business and management is a far-reaching and diverse subject. At NSIBM, we reflect this breadth and diversity in our management degree offer. 'This ability to apply reasoning and to think independently about management Is critical for managers and entrepreneurs.'

A two-year post graduate academic programs divided into four semesters, leading to Master of Business Administration with major and minor specialization in the areas of Human Resources, Marketing, Information Technology 8, Finance. 

The examination for the MBA Degree shall consist of the following subjects: 

1st Semester

SI. Subject Code Subject
1. MBA01-0B00 Management Process And Organization Behavior
2. MBA01- QT002 MBA01-QT002 Quantitative Methods
3. MBA01-ME003 Managerial Economics
4. MBA01-EM004 Environmental Management
5. MBA01-CS005 Managerial Skills Development
6. MBA01-AC006 Accounting For Managers
7. MBA01-CA007 Computer Application In Management.

2nd Semester

SI. Subject Code Subject
1. MBA02-0D008 Organization Effectiveness and Change
2. MBA02-HR010 Management Science
3. MBA01-ME003 Human Resource Management
4. MBA02-FM011 Financial Management.
5. ME3A02-MK012 Marketing Management
6. MBA02-PM013 Production and Operations Management

3rd Semester

SI. Subject Code Subject
1. MBA03-SM014 Business Policy and Strategic Analysis
2. MBA03-IT015 Decision Support System and Management Information System
3. MBA03-BL016 Business Legislation
4. MBA03-TP017 Summer Training Project
5. MBA03-FM/E01 Portfolio Management
6. MBA03-FM/E02 Corporate Taxation
7. MBA03-MK/E01 International Marketing
8. MBA03-FM/E02 Management Training and Development
9. MBA03-HR/E02 Organization Change and Intervention Startegies
10. MBA03-IT/E01 System Analysis and Design
11. MBA03-IT/E02 Database Management Systems

4th Semester

SI. Subject Code Subject
1. M8A04-SM018 Corporate Evolution and Strategic Management
2. M8A01-FM/E03 Security Analysis and Investment Management
3. M8A04-FM/E04 Project Planning, Analysis And Management
4. M8A04-MK/E03 Consumer Behaviour
5. M8A04-MK/E04 Advertisement Managernent
6. M8A04-HR/E03 Management of Industrial Relation
7. ME3A04-HR/E04 Legal Framework Governing Human Relations
8. MI3A04-1T/E03 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
9. M8A04-1T/E04 Multimedia Management
10. M8A04 Winter Trainine Proiect