Future Leaders Program


This program is designed for those students who aspire to take up leadership or managerial roles in the future. Keeping the adventure quotient high, the students are put in various different circumstances which help them take on both roles, team-leader and team-player. Keeping in mind the diverse backgrounds including gender, ethnicity, educational qualifications, this program acts as an ice-breaker. Students are put through a series of outbound experiences to push their mental and physical limits, such that their level of endurance increases. The focus is maintained on traits like speed, accuracy, co-ordination and task completion through limited resources. Activities such as caving, flying fox, rafting not only ensure trust building but also instill the spirit of peer motivation which is vital for a team's success.


  • Self-awareness
  • Expedition behaviour
  • Comprehensive understanding of team building
  • Leadership development
  • Decision rnaking skills
  • Resource management