" Change is inevitable which can be expected with certainty at NSIBM "

Prof. D. Shome Academic Head Department of Management, NSIBM

Leadership Education : Unlike any other NSIBM welcomes you into 2 years of leadership practice immersed in real world challenges into a multi-ethnic community of colleagues and faculty. In every event, activity and project, students are asked not only to study leadership, but to demonstrate it. Change is inevitable which can be expected with certainty. That's why the MBA curriculum has been carefully crafted to help the students develop a capacity for analysis, judgment and action that can be exercised throughout the course of a career.

Group Learning Center: The transformation of innate potential into leadership is realizec through every aspect of NSIBM experience leading the students to investigate multiple ways of learning, connecting and leading. The group learning center is utilized for project preparation and documentation, organization of group presentations and comrnunication training.

Orientation and induction: Students are motivated to Dream BIG and realize them into reality. In the orientation session, students familiarize themselves with life on the campus, course structure and the city of Jamshedpur, apart from getting to know each other. In addition, a short module is conducted on values and etiquette, health and hygiene, local customs and ethos and general management. Students are also given an overview of the entire syllabus.