Director's Desk

It's a strange paradox. The corporate apex bodies estimate an acute shortage of qualified trained professional managers; while media reports tell us that a large number of &Schools have closed down because of lack of demand.

On second thought, it may not appear so strange. There, no denying that Industry suffers from a shortage of trained managerial personnel, especially in the teeth of stiff competition and fast changing busineu environment at the market place. At the same time it's also true that a large no. of Institutes, apparently to cater to the Nit need of industry, mushroomed in the country. These run-of-the-mill B-Schools - driven by commercial considerations -neither have the necessary expertise, infrastructure or academic pedagogy nor do they care for the concern of the not-so-discerning students they turn out. No wonder they become unfortunate Industry rejects, The cumulative effect finally creates a drag on the so-called B-Schools who are forced to close down shops.

We at NSIBM are immune to the malaise.

Through the determined strategic and committed efforts of our faculties, staff and visionary resource providers we are uniquely positioned and renowned for our offerings. We take pride in being one of the most sought - after B-Schools in this part of the country both by students and recruiters.

This prospectus presents the various courses offered at NSIBM, the myriad dimensions of its magnificent infrastructure, relevant quality services on offer and the serenity of the campus as you step in.

Welcome to NSIBM and be part of an absorbing experience. 

Dr. B.  K.  Mukhopadhyay